Posted by: bestraveler | July 21, 2012

California – San Francisco Part 1

I flew into San Francisco from Chicago – O’Hare.  Tip#1 = since San Francisco International(SFO) is a major hub for United, it would be best to fly on United.  It is a nice terminal and has numerous amenities, shops, et al. inside.  Flying into SFO is a lot like flying in to Honolulu(HNL), NYC – LaGuardia(LGA) or other airports that sit at the edge of a body of water: upon final approach, all you see it water, water, water…then some land and touchdown!

Tip#2 = SFO is going under major construction.  They are digging up the runways, taxiways and a lot of the infrastructure at SFO.  This is great for future flight capacity and more efficient departures and arrivals.  When I arrived on time at SFO, it still took twenty(20) minutes extra to get to our gate.  The aircraft had to go this maze-like route to get to the terminal(s) and gate for United.  These delays would not be only for United but for all the airlines.  If you booked a flight and an activity with little extra time for delays, you are in trouble.  Check the airport’s website for updates on construction, food options, and other information.

Happy Travels!


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