Posted by: bestraveler | August 2, 2012

San Francisco / Fisherman’s Wharf Part 1

San Francisco is a real, living, breathing city.  “All cities are living and breathing.”  Uh, no.  San Francisco feels a lot like Chicago: it has a real downtown, great ethnic neighborhoods, wonderful cuisine, and fantastic shopping.  I know this will sound cheesy but you have to go to and spend several days at Fisherman’s Wharf.  The main drag is Jefferson Street, which is the last street before you touch the Pacific.  Are there tourist traps along Jefferson? Yes.  Are some souvenirs overpriced? Yes. The restaurant that invented sourdough bread? YES.  If you don’s like sourdough bread, you should still go down to Boudin Bakery.  They have a massive window on Jefferson where they show bakers kneading the dough at street level and it is a cool show.  The restaurant itself sits on some of the best real estate on the Wharf and it is a two story resto.  The casual cafe(sandos, soda, fries, chips, et al) is on the first floor.  I haven’t tried it…but really? You came all the way to San Francisco and you want their version of Subway?  Spend the extra dough(ha!) and walk upstairs and be seated in their more formal setting.  I showed up in shorts and sandals and you will be fine.  Many of the tables have excellent views of the Pacific, Alcatraz, and the bay.  What more do you want?  They have lots of seafood, a deep drinks menu(just don’t get sloshed and cause trouble – Alcatraz is real close), and lots of sourdough friendly items(breadbowls, sandos with thick cut sourdough, blah blah blah – just eat the bread).  After you stuff your face, you can walk it off at the Boudin Bakery tour…but they have samples!  They are free!  Don’t be such a cheapo…take a thick napkin and pocket the samples for later at the hotel.  You’re welcome.


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