Posted by: bestraveler | April 7, 2015

My History

Why I am so passionate about Panama and Costa Rica? My mother’s parents (Los Abuelos) lived and worked in Panama for 45 years. My mother lived and worked in Panama for 35 years. My uncle, aunt, cousins, their wives, and their children have lived, worked, and thrived in Costa Rica since 1977. This family has lived and worked in Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Honduras, and other Latin American locations. I just want to focus on two countries that I have visited and fallen in love with all my life.

My first trip to Panama was for Christmas 1971 on Braniff Airlines from Miami to Panama City. I was six weeks old and my parents were taking me to see my mother’s parents for the Holidays.

My first word was “Delta.” Yes, as in the airline Delta. My paternal grandfather started a travel agency in Chicago and our family would travel back and forth from Chicago to Miami. Either at O’Hare or at Miami airport, he had me on his lap and tried to have me talk. He got me to finally say “Delta” after numerous attempts. Yes, we were flying Delta Airlines that day.

Safe Travels,

Lawrence Wojciechowski
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