Posted by: bestraveler | April 18, 2015

Costa Rican Money & Exchange Rates

Traveling to Costa Rica is easy! If you are coming from the USA, there are numerous flights landing in San Jose or Liberia everyday.  You should get some Costa Rican currency for your trip.  Costa Rica uses the colon.  The plural is colones.  The bills in my photo are 1000 colones.  There are other bills and coins – these are just some examples.  The current exchange rate is USD$1 = 530 Colones.  With this current exchange rate (as of press time 17 April 2015), a 1000 colones is worth about USD$1.90.  Check websites like Bloomberg for daily exchange rates so you have an idea before you depart on your trip.


When traveling to another country, you should have some of the local currency when you arrive. This is an excellent travel tip, but it is not necessary with Costa Rica.  You may tip your luggage porter in dollars and almost all of the taxis will accept dollars as payment.  This is the beauty of Costa Rica: the locals make it very easy for American tourists!  My Bestraveler Tip: you don’t need any colones when you arrive at San Jose airport but you should get some as soon as possible.  Paying in dollars is possible in the metro San Jose area but it is more convenient to have colones in your pocket.  Exchange some dollars for colones then you may buy a souvenir at a roadside shop, or pop into a little bar and buy a Pilsen (Costa Rican beer)!  Then you will have gone native!

Safe Travels!


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