Posted by: bestraveler | August 24, 2015

2015 Geneva Concours

The last weekend of August is when the Geneva Concours is held in downtown Geneva, Illinois. Geneva is a suburb that is about 30 miles West of Chicago.


Downtown Geneva (Third Street) is a fantastic suburban downtown area with an eclectic mix of fine dining, quick bites, ice cream shops, and arts & crafts shops. It reminds me of Galena, Illinois or Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Even without the Geneva Concours taking place, downtown Geneva has plenty of entertainment to fill up a long,  fun weekend.


Many of Geneva’s early residents were from Sweden or of Swedish ancestry. Every summer, Geneva holds a Swedish Days festival in their downtown where you can sample Swedish food, see people in old Swedish clothing, and take in lectures from local historians. This is another excellent cultural event in Chicago’s suburbs where you may spend the whole weekend in Geneva and have a great time!


Let’s get to the show: The Geneva Concours auto show is akin to the Pebble Beach (California) Concours where they have new and vintage autos on display. These autos are awarded points by judges and win prizes. The show is only open to the public on the last day of the Concours, which is Sunday. The public may view the autos on Sunday from 10AM to 3PM. At 3PM, there is a parade of the autos who won prizes for the categories. There is some “grandstand” type seating set up to view the parade but you can just stand on the sidewalk and view the cars as well. The parade is wonderful because it is narrated by one of the judges and he will describe the auto’s make, model, year, and other information. He will also describe why the auto won a prize in its category and other Concours details.


Bestraveler Tip: Even if you are not an auto enthusiast, I recommend you go. Of course, it is more enjoyable with a partner or friend who loves cars, but most of the autos have their owner or mechanic standing close by if you have any questions. These owners / mechanics love their machines like children and they have always been eager to answer my questions.


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Thank you!
Lawrence Wojciechowski


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