Posted by: bestraveler | April 4, 2017

Small Town Brewery

This is not a generic article title but the actual name of a famous craft Brewery. How famous? I bet you have had one of their beers!

Small Town Brewery is in a non-descript office Park. I drove by it and so will you. That’s OK. It is worth the detour.

This craft Brewery will be a must stop on one of my tours! Why? Read on…

We went on a Friday evening and the tap room was empty except for people at the bar. We grabbed a table and an employee came over and gave us menus and was very helpful. The menu had some unique craft beer flavors that I have never seen at any brewery before.

Their most popular and famous craft beer distributed around the USA is #1 Not Your Father’s Root Beer. I first tried this alcoholic root beer in Galena, Illinois. Not Your Father’s Root Beer (#1 on the menu) was the first alcoholic root beer on the market. It invented the “hard soda” category which has been very popular over the past five years. You may now buy Not Your Father’s Root Beer in London according to the menu!

Getting a flight here is not a typical sized flight – look at the size of the glasses!

#1 is Not Your Father’s Root Beer. Always smooth and sweet. I say it is better during the summer! #2 is Not Your Father’s Ginger Ale. It is the same concept as their root beer – but ginger ale. #7 is their Hazelnut. Usually these nutty flavored beers disappoint me with their weak aromas / flavors. Not this one! There was an abundance of hazelnut and it almost felt like I was drinking Nutella. Awesome beer! #15 Is Not My Wife’s Chocolate Spice Kombucha. I was expecting more chocolate than Kombucha or spices but I got the spices. It was still a well crafted beer but the least favorite of the four.

The other flight, as you can probably tell, is a departure from most other craft beers or beer in general. This flight surprised and amazed me! #10 is called Rosalia and has a heavy hibiscus flavor. If you have ever had Jamaica juice at a Mexican restaurant, then this craft beer will be familiar to you. #5 is the Strawberry Rhubarb and it doesn’t disappoint!  It should really be called Rhubarb Strawberry because I tasted much more rhubarb than strawberry. I loved it and it was easy to drink. It looks innocent but be careful! #14 was the Blueberry Kombucha and you can taste the blueberries but the spices overwhelm the fruitiness. For #11 you want to be sitting down when you drink it. The name is Hazmat – Flammable Liquid and it is! Lots of jalapeño in this craft beer…maybe too much. Too much for my taste! I love jalapeños on my nachos, in chili, in my soup…but in my beer? I am not sold on it yet.

Small Town Brewery is an excellent example of a craft brewery that has unique flavors on their menu. Join me on a craft beer tour to this location! 


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