Posted by: bestraveler | April 9, 2017

Scorched Earth Brewery

I went on the brewery tour at Scorched Earth Brewery in Algonquin,  Illinois this past Saturday April 1st. No joke!

Mark was our tour guide and was informative and patient. We had a large group and asked him a lot of questions but he handled them all! I even asked a question about lagers and why they are so popular with national beers in Central America. I was thinking of Imperial from Costa Rica and Atlas from Panama.  Mark answered my question stating that the quality and type of water in locations around the world may affect what types of beers a brewery will be able to produce.

As we moved deeper into the brewery,  Mark turned our attention to the various barrels that they are using for crafting unique flavors. I examined most of them and most were from France but there were a few from Koval Distillery in Chicago. For such a small craft Brewer they had a lot of barrels!  Mark even showed us a barrel that he added blueberries into it. New flavor coming soon!

After the brewery tour, the staff had a flight ready for us to take to the tables and sample some of their menu items. They change the menu frequently but there was a stout, a lager, a hoppy ale, and other excellent craft beers for us to drink. I enjoyed them all while discussing the flavors and aromas with other group members!

I made some new friends last week! By chance I took an empty seat at the table they were sitting at and we started to talk about the variety of craft beers here and around Chicagoland. Some were from Mexico, one was from Argentina, and another from Spain. Talking beer, food, and other topics with Fernando, Frederico, and the others was so much fun on a sunny Saturday afternoon. We even went outside to the patio and kept talking and drinking Scorched Earth’s excellent craft beers. Salud (Cheers)!

Scorched Earth Brewery will be on one of my Brewery Tours!  Join me (coming soon) on a craft beer tour to this location!


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