Posted by: bestraveler | April 11, 2017

R’Noggin Brewery

My first stop in Kenosha was R’Noggin Brewing Company.  Their tap room is small but since the weather was warm the day I went, they had the doors open. The seating is picnic tables inside and outside the building. I sat inside because all the seats outside were full!

This is the inside of the brewery.  Even though it is a small space,  they have this painted on their wall. The decor is fun, the music was good, and the patrons were friendly. I struck up a conversation with a couple sitting at my table. They were from Kenosha and we talked craft beer, food, and upcoming local events. This place has a great vibe!

I enjoy grabbing a flight at a craft brewery if I have never been there before so I am able to sample a wide variety of their flavors. I enjoy stouts and porters but I have an open mind towards other craft beers. You never know when you will find your favorite pour! I had a stout in the flight but the best one was the Chasing Tires English Porter.

R’Noggin Brewing Company is a small craft brewery with excellent choices on their menu. They do rotate their selections frequently so there is always something new to try!

This brewery is a stop on a future Brewery Tour!


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