Posted by: bestraveler | April 11, 2017

Rustic Road Brewery

My second stop in Kenosha was Rustic Road Brewing Company. This micro brewery is in downtown Kenosha. It looks like a traditional bar but they brew their own craft beer on site.

This is a small place. I mentioned that R’Noggin Brewing was small but this is even smaller than that. It looks and feels like a traditional neighborhood bar – which is great! The bar setup looks nice and the menu is easy to read.

So many excellent choices here on the menu! If you are unsure which craft beers to choose from, just ask your bartender. She was very helpful in answering my questions and helped out others while I was there. Be adventurous!

With so many top notch choices, I got a flight of four: Spring’s Back, Hazelnut Harvest, Amarillo with Citra IPA, and Imperial Cinnamon Brown. They were all easy to drink but my favorite was Hazelnut Harvest. I had a hazelnut craft beer at Small Town Brewery last week (which I loved) but this Hazelnut Harvest had even more of a hazelnut flavor. A very sweet yet nutty craft beer. Easy to drink again and again!

If you were wondering where they brew their beer, look no further! This was almost right behind where I was sitting. Nothing to hide here – just small barrels filled with their latest batches of craft beers. To the right is where the live music was setting up when I was there. No space goes unused at this establishment! 

Another chalkboard behind me filled with their upcoming events, craft beers coming soon, and some of their food items if you get hungry. Yes, this is Kenosha’s oldest operating brewery. I don’t judge craft breweries by their age. How good is  their beer selection and how friendly is their staff? This is more important than how long have they been in operation.

Rustic Road Brewing Company will be a stop on a future Brewery Tour!


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