Posted by: bestraveler | April 14, 2017

Public Craft Brewing Company

My third and final stop in Kenosha was at Public Craft Brewing Company. This small craft brewery is also located in downtown Kenosha.  This place looks like a conventional restaurant or pub but it is far from that!  This is a very relaxed place to hang out, have some excellent craft beer and meet the locals.


Here is the menu at Public Craft.  Lots of excellent choices and a wide variety of flavors. I love their interior – the exposed brick walls gives it an old fashioned bar feel.  It was pretty busy when I got there and more people were arriving after me.  It was pretty crowded when I left!


So I asked the bartender if I may order a flight.  Usually most craft breweries will let you sample their wares with a flight of 3 / 4 / 5 craft beer choices.  NOT HERE! She told me if I am ordering a flight then I get all of their beers on tap.  Never one to shy away from a challenge (plus I get to try ALL of their beers), I said “let’s do it!”  I could give you a review of these craft beers but my memory is a little cloudy after a few of them.  You see I ordered some pretzels to wash down the beers and to be able to stay upright on my barstool.  Actually, I ordered two jars of pretzels!


Something I found unique to Public Craft was their “coaster policy.”  When you go to any craft brewery, you will find coasters with their logo on them.  Nothing wrong with that.  At Public Craft, you are the coaster designer!  There are markers and Sharpies in cups at the bar and on the tables.  When I walked in to Public Craft, I didn’t understand why so many people were holding markers.  Once I sat down, ordered my flight, and looked around, I saw many people coloring coasters any very focused.  I think it is a very cool idea and it gives patrons something else to do if they are waiting for friends, bored, or just having a beer by themselves.  Officially, you are NOT supposed to take any coasters, but I decided to “borrow” some.  Here are three examples.  People really put a lot of thought, time, and artistry into these works of art!

Public Craft Brewing Company will be a stop on a future Brewery Tour!


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