Posted by: bestraveler | April 24, 2017

Two Brothers Nail Pull & Brewery Open House

Saturdays are usually very busy at Two Brothers Brewing in Warrenville, Illinois. Their taproom is busy pouring their craft  and customers ordering fresh American fare to go along with their beer. They also have brewery tours at 1, 2, and 3 PM…but not this past Saturday! No public tours were available due to this special event.

Barrels of beer have a nail in them to be used as a sampling port. A brewmaster will want to sample this batch of beer for quality control, sample the batch, or just to have a taste.

When breweries “pull nails” from their barrels, this usually means two things: #1 it means the brewery is offering up new flavors that have never been released before or #2 it means the brewery is combining their flavors to make new ones and are allowing patrons to sample them.

This is the largest craft brewery I have visited. This is just part of the barrels that Two Brothers have for all of their beers! Most of them are from France but I did see some from Kentucky as well. All these barrels tell me that Two Brothers is testing different flavors and willing to experiment with their beers.

Look at that row of tankers! This is not all of them but a good representation of their capacity. Walking down this row made me think of all the wonderful craft beer that will be available soon! Two Brothers has been in business for twenty years now and always been an independent craft brewer. This is what twenty years of brewing looks like!

This is how it worked: there were three stations located around the brewery. I started at Station#2 because…well, just because! The craft beers names and descriptions were flavors that I would enjoy so I started here. I started at the bottom with Beatbox Polka and drank all four. All were excellent and never before released. My favorite was Allez Allez Allez due to hints of coffee and blackberry.  I could really taste the black cherry flavor – which I love! Not a bad beer on this list in my opinion. To agree with me you have to be a lover of stouts and dark beer. The exception was Phenomenomnom. A golden colored sour, it went down lighter than the stouts with fruity hints. I declared to the staff manning Station#2 that Allez Allez Allez was the best. They agreed with me!

After sampling all those top notch craft beers, you get a little hungry! They had the buffet set up in the brewery! They rotated different foods on the table as needed. The food was OK. For the most part, this was typical pub fare: wings, sliders, pizza, salad, and potato chips. After completing Station #2, I headed to the buffet to fuel up. You have to pace yourself!

Here I am standing in front of just one of several large white oak barrels imported from France. Again, the size of these barrels contain a lot of craft beer! These larger barrels are where Two Brothers age their sour beers for up to three years. Get ready for excellent beer in 2020!

Here I am hanging out with some of the Station #2 crew. Drinking beer and laughing – good times!

Just more equipment on display for this open house. This was the first ever nail pull / brewery open house at Two Brothers. I spoke to the staff and they said it was such a hit that this will become a reoccurring event. I had a lot of fun, talked to Two Brothers staff, met some other craft beer lovers, and learned a lot about Two Brothers Brewing operations.

I am working on incorporating Two Brothers Brewery into one of my brewery tours! Check back here or sign up to be on the Mailing List at Bestraveler! Cheers / Salud / Na Zdrowie!


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