Posted by: bestraveler | May 7, 2017

AC Hotel Chicago

I stayed at the AC Hotel Chicago at 630 North Rush Street in Chicago. The hotel is situated at the northwest corner of Rush and Ontario. There is a small driveway that you may pull up in your car. The driveway only has space for two or three cars maximum, so only park there if it is for a couple of minutes. Check with the staff and they will provide you with further instructions. 

AC Hotels are part of Marriott. I have stayed at numerous Marriott family properties over the years, but never at an AC Hotel. First time for everything, right? I used the Marriott app to search for hotels in downtown Chicago and the location of the AC Hotel is excellent. I checked in using the Marriott app and it was easy and simple to use! **Bestraveler Tip** Using the Marriott app to check in will speed up the process at the front desk. The total time I was with the front desk agent was at most two minutes tops.

The AC Hotel is located right in the heart of the action in Chicago. From the hotel you may walk to Eataly in three or four minutes. Su Casa is across the street. For Chicago’s famous deep dish pizza, Pizzeria Uno and Due are a couple of minutes away by foot. Head North on Rush Street for about five minutes and you will enter the Rush Street entertainment district. Planning on shopping on the famous Michigan Avenue? One block away. Plenty of choices to eat, drink, shop, and play closeby!

The King room was excellent. The bed was soft yet firm. Slept like a baby! The pillows were wonderful too. This is a hotel room where the details count. Look beside the bed on each side: there is a personal reading light (silver).  I tried it briefly and it worked. This lamp is perfect for any late night reading when you don’t want to disturb others in bed. Thoughtful touch. I loved the minimalist design asthetic – simplified luxury.

This leather couch / loveseat was fantastic as well. The table was on rollers so you could move it around easily without breaking your back or injuring your toes. Notice the flooring: all hardwood. No carpeting. This was a welcome change from all the carpeted hotel rooms I have stayed in over the years. The flooring was not cold at all even though it was chilly outside during the stay. This was a welcome update for this modern and upscale hotel.

The chic design of the hotel room was evident everywhere you turned! Here is space to hang up your clothes, some drawers to store clothing or other items, a mini safe for your valuables, and so much more. Again, this room design covers many details that will make your stay pleasant and relaxing. They even had a pair of slippers!

Not in the photo was the see through glass door refrigerator (smart!), European coffee maker with coffee pods from Italy, and a stainless steel ice bucket. One of the first things I do when I check into my room is go get ice for my water and drinks. The ice bucket was a little more compact than most others I have used but it did the job well. Efficient design! 

Here is part of the bathroom.  The sink, the toiletries, and the design are all luxurious and modern yet simple to use. Again, notice the hardwood flooring here as well. No complaints from me. Different…but it fits the character of the hotel. Nothing is missing from a typical hotel bathroom – only the presentation is different.  You will love it!

Let me just touch on the shower. There is no tub but let’s be honest: when is the last time you ever took a bath in a hotel room? I have only taken a bath once. That is probably one more time than most of you! So, out with the tub and in with a modern waterfall type shower head. You also get the European (portable) shower head that you can hold in your hand. The most important point I would like to make is that figuring out how to use all the features of the shower were easy. Hot versus cold, waterfall versus handheld were all in use in a couple of seconds. You won’t need an engineering degree to take a rejuvenating shower. Hop in and enjoy!

This property has their fitness rooms and pool on the same floor. I say fitness rooms because it really feels like two separate rooms. The fitness center has two rooms but they are connected. The first room you enter has the towels, earbuds, TV with free weights, a weight machine,  and elliptical machines lined up.  The second room has three treadmills and two stairstepper machines. These machines overlook an outside garden / walkway and behind them is the pool. This property does not have a hot tub, but the pool water was temperate. There is a glass wall that separates the treadmills from the pool. I had fun in the pool and had an excellent workout in the morning! 

Go to the AC Lounge on the fifth floor of the hotel! You may sit at the bar or choose a table by the windows and use this device to summon your server. It worked! Pressing that Server button and having a woman or man within a minute be standing next to you taking your order was refreshing. Good service is not dead just yet! Yes, when you are done press the Check button and your server will immediately bring you your bill. The system works and the staff were very attentive.

All cute buttons aside, get over to the AC Lounge for their excellent selection of craft beers, cocktails, and wines. All the wines were from Spain except for one California option. Being a craft beer lover, I was not disappointed. They had several from Revolution Brewing of Chicago so that was the number choice for me. On the left is Anti-Hero and on the right is Eugene Porter. Anti-Hero is a wonderful IPA and Eugene Porter is a rich chocolately malt porter. Two very different types of beers but both extremely satisfying to drink! The views from the AC Lounge are fantastic – the Chicago skyline looked wonderful even at night. Grab some seats by a window, press the red button, sit back, and relax with a nice drink before (or after) you hit the town!

The AC Hotel Chicago is the perfect oasis in downtown Chicago. You are surrounded by food and entertainment choices but you can always retreat back into the AC for a bite, a drink, or a little down time. Recharge yourself and get back out there! The AC Hotel Chicago is your homebase for your Chicago urban adventure.


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